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What Is Coveted?Tumblr enabled e-commerce.

Coveted is the exclusive digital platform to discover Tumblr’s most coveted fashion and art selections. Carefully curated to reflect the latest trends, Coveted is designed to procure front row access to the fashion and art world’s finest designs. With just one click, trendsetters and art aficionados can select an item they fancy and order it directly on Tumblr – at the point of inspiration.

Why Tumblr?

Tumblr is one of the largest, most widely populated social media platforms: 80 million posts are created daily across over a hundred million blogs; over 20 million blogs are fashion related, and a majority of posts are reblogs.

Coveted leverages the inherent viral effect on Tumblr to significantly enhance a brand’s ecommerce presence. At any point in time, the same image of a product can be viewed, liked, reblogged, and now, thanks to Coveted – purchased. A point of inspiration turns into a point of purchase.

Who We Are.Rooted in Fashion, Music & Entertainment.

Coveted was born with the idea that the most beautiful things are best captured at the point of inspiration. Inspired by the emergence of social-driven commerce, we created a platform that features the most coveted items on Tumblr, and provides one of the largest fashion and art savvy communities online with the ability to offer their selections directly to their followers.

Michael Dizon engineered the Coveted platform with the goal to provide a seamless channel to connect brands and artists with those who covet their products in a single click. In addition to simplicity, we focus on quality, and a commitment to curate a platform of beautiful items that best reflect the spirit of the Tumblr community. With this purpose in mind, Constantine Floris, Klaus Hang and Marjorie Kauffmann joined the team, bringing a portfolio of close relationships in the fashion world as well as the financial and strategic background to best serve our clients. With Michael at the helm, Constantine and Klaus’ deep relationships in the fashion industry, and Marjorie’s analytical skill set, the quartet was poised to bring Coveted to light.

The Coveted Team.

Michael Dizon CEO
With fashion and entertainment at the center, Michael is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience designing and creating technology based platforms where beauty and business connect.
Marjorie Kauffmann COO
A former banker and brand strategist, with a focus on clients in the media & entertainment and consumer sectors. Marjorie is also fluent in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian.
Gus Floris
Constantine Floris VP, Business Development, US
Founder of fashion magazine Apparel Insiders and former fashion director at Instyle, with over twenty years of experience in publishing sales and editorial content within the contemporary sportswear industry.
Klaus Hang
Klaus N. Hang VP, Business Development, EMEA
An icon of the contemporary fashion world with over three decades of experience working in, influencing, and shaping the fashion industry. Most recently, Klaus was the Editor and Publisher of Sportswear International.

Michael Dizon, CEO

Michael is a seasoned technology professional with over ten years of experience in the worlds of fashion, advertising and entertainment. Previously, Michael along with his partner Chris Lighty launched PleaseListenToMyDemo.com, the first site that gave aspiring artists constructive feedback on their music from established A&R professionals. Michael also consults with a number of NYC and Silicon Valley technology startups. Michael is also Co-Founder and VP of Technology for Palo Alto-based One Spear Entertainment, in partnership with Shaquille O’Neal.

Marjorie Kauffmann, COO

Marjorie Kauffmann joins Coveted from Kompani Group, a boutique brand strategy firm with a focus on brand development, business formation, and strategic planning for early stage brands. As a brand strategist, she primarily focused on the consumer goods sector. Analyses include conceptualizing the product, designing the brand’s marketing strategy, building the revenue and customer acquisition models, and performing break-even analyses. Prior to Kompani Group, Marjorie worked three years in investment banking where she covered clients in the media and entertainment, and consumer sectors. Clients included Cablevision, Warner Music Group, Procter and Gamble and Voss. Marjorie holds a bachelor of arts degree in economics, with honors, from Vassar College.

Constantine Floris, VP Business Development, Americas

Constantine Floris has over twenty years of experience in publishing sales and editorial content within the contemporary sportswear industry. Having started his career at Sportswear International, Constantine worked his way up the ranks in a ten-year career leaving as Associate Publisher. In his four years at WWD he grew ad sales 150% and launched WWDFast. After four years at WWD, Constantine joined InStyle Magazine as Fashion Director. For two years, Constantine increased sales 25% year over year, during a time when many print magazines were folding. Constantine left InStyle in 2008 to consult for several prominent fashion brands in marketing, licensing and business development. Constantine is currently publishing an online magazine for the fashion industry – apparelinsiders.com.

Klaus Hang, VP Business Development, EMEA

Klaus N. Hang is an icon of the contemporary fashion world. As Editor and Publisher of Sportswear International for more than 15 years, he influenced the young and innovative fashion scene across Europe, the US and Asia, and became a central force behind making and destroying brands. With his creation of the Denim Bible and the Sports Bible he gave the industry two comprehensive reference books. His conferences and community get-togethers, including The Denim Day and The Future of Fashion, brought together brand leaders and incubators and gave direction to an entire market segment. Klaus is now retired at Sportswear International, but runs an international consulting firm under his name out of Switzerland. Before Sportswear International and DFV Group, Klaus worked for Condé Nast, Fairchild Publications and Holtzbrinck Group, bringing an inexhaustible worldwide fashion network to the table.

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With Coveted’s dashboard, you can track your orders and manage fulfillment. In order to streamline inventory management, we can integrate with your ecommerce platform, upon request.


Track your performance.

Understanding consumer behavior is key to any brand’s success. Coveted provides insight on your Tumblr customer base, their interests and shopping patterns.

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